Grundy Center Chamber-Main Street

We invite you to be a part of the exciting growth that is happening

to Grundy Center by volunteering with Main Street Grundy Center

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Main Street Grundy Center is driven by hard working committees and a dedicated group

of volunteers working together and you are needed. Look over the following

committee roles to see what might interest you and how you can help.

This committee’s job is to build a group of volunteers who can help with an event or serve on a committee. They are the

“talent scouts” seeking to match your talents and interests with the work of Main Street. Help is needed in areas such as:

office work, phone calls, event planning and implementation; and recruiting others to join with us.

This committee’s work is to develop a positive image about Grundy Center by promoting and hosting events that

build pride and community spirit among its citizens. It serves as the marketing arm of Main Street encouraging

tourism and growing the number of visitors and shoppers to Grundy Center.

The visual quality of Grundy Center’s Main Street is placed in the hands of the Design Committee. This committee

addresses such issues as signage, landscaping, public art, parks, building rehab and historic preservation. Share your

artistic talents and vision with others. You may even be asked to handle a paint brush or take up a hammer.

This committee looks for ways to help existing businesses as they seek to attract shoppers, expand, and reach

new markets. It will rely on community surveys, economic advisors and developers to help grow Main Street Grundy Center.

It will focus on recruiting new businesses to Main Street and it seeks to move Grundy Center forward.

Main Street Grundy Center Needs You!

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